Name: Arno F

Location: the Netherlands

About Me: I like chocolate milk and cookies,
play bassguitar, walk my dog, long showers, autosports and listening to (live) music.
But I also like to design and develop all kinds of stuff.

Development: I started my virtual life in 2000 and began building websites, designing grafics and working with html, css and javascript pretty much right away.

Since I always had a weak spot for grafics and animation, I soon took a turn towards Macro Media Flash.  (vector based interactive webdesign/ animation software). Codewise, this was a match made in heaven and it gave me a lot more room to express my love for coding, grafics and animation, but even then I found the programs GUI just horrible to work with.

So in 2003, I switched from MM Flash to Swishmax (another flash authoring tool with a much more intuïtive GUI).  I also started working with PHP and a year later I released my Flash/PHP-based content management system. I’ve been working with Flash/ SwishMax and PHP for almost 10 years, pretty much on daily basis.  For many years I’ve been the backbone for numerous designers, developers and other businesses, supplying them with grafics, code, apps, websites and more,..

Lately, with flash pretty much being banned from the web, I use flash more as an animation tool for TV-adds, bumpers, intro’s and other sorts of videoanimation. I also started working with Muvizu, a fun and easy to use 3D application that lets anyone make animations. If your into animations, make shure to give it a try, the standard version is free to use.

As for webdesign,.. I now have a weak spot for wordpress.