Name: Arno F

Location: the Netherlands

About Me: I like chocolate milk and cookies,
play bassguitar, walk my dog, long showers and listening to (live) music.
But I also like to design and develop all kinds of stuff.

Development: For many years, my favorite piece of software program to create stuff, was Swishmax. (flash authoring software). I started working with Swishmax in 2003 and I’ve been working with it pretty much on daily basis for almost 10 years. I also spend lots of time on various Swishmax forums and created lots of files and components for personal use as wel as for fellow swishmax users. Lately, with flash being banned from IOS and swishmax no longer under development, I started to use swishmax more as an animation tool for bumpers, trailers and other sorts of video.

I also started working with Muvizu, a fun and easy to use 3D application that lets anyone make animations. If your into animations, make shure to give it a try, the standard version is free to use.

If you require my services for any of your projects, feel free to contact me for a quote.