Interactive Map

This interactive allows users to add their own markers to pretty much any map, floorplan etc,..
and organize them in whatever order they like,..

It can have an unlimited number of categories and each categorie can have an unlimited number of markers.
Each categorie, -item or -group of items can have a seperate color for easy reference or just to highlight certain items.
Users can also add an image for each item.

The map images can be either embedded or loaded external, all data is stored in simple textfiles. (no DB required)
Items and/ or categories can easaly be added, adjusted or deleted via the build-in adminpanel.


Created using Swishmax & PHP

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Script&Bind Creater

OutCast**NL’s Script & Bind Creator is a tool that provides users with a fast and easy way

to create their own (Q3 engine based) game scripts. Users can write either a single KeyBind or a complete Script.

Each script can contain upto 5 Strings, each string can contain an unlimited # of Commands/Variables.

Available as webversion and executable


Created 2004 using Swishmax & mProjector

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Wheel of Fortune

A simple Wheel of fortune game, created for a gaming website.

Collected winnings are added to the users account.

The random factor for each wedge can be set seperatly, so the host has complete control over the winfactor.

The real life game allows for 3 spins, the demo allows unlimited spins.


Created 2006 using Swishmax…

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Slotmachine engine

This is an engine for slotmachine games, created for a gaming website.
Goal was to make it dynamic, so the base file could be used to create various different slotmachines.

Reel images are loaded extern and a there are lots of variables that can be changed to give each slotmachine a complete different look and feel.
A “winfactor” can be set manually. (The sample shows the bare boned engine)


Created 2008 using Swishmax..

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Swish Invaders

This game actually started out as a very simple sample for someone,.. but I just couldn’t resist to create a simple shooter game out of it ,…
Besides creating the game itself, one of the objectives was to keep the file as small as possible,.. (169 lines of code,… 17kb).

The script offers a lot of room for creating additional levels and adjusting gameplay etc.


Created 2010 using Swishmax & PHP.

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This is my own little first person shooter,…  it’s a parody on “Wolfenstein Enemie Territory”.
it was created as a gadget for my script & bind site  but is also available as an executable (.exe)


Created 2004 using Swishmax.

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Online Bingo Game & Bingo Card creater.

A Bingo game in flash format, created for a gaming website. The game offers 2 versions of the game,. (75balls & 90balls)

Collected winnings are added to the users account. It has both an auto-play and a manual-play option.

Besides that, it also allows users to create & print their own BingoCards directly from their browser window.


Created 2007 using Swishmax.

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A replica of the famous Pacman game, but with my own little twist.

This game started out as a basic tile game engine, but since the engine was pretty easy to work with, I created a game with it.

For this game engine I also created a simple Mapbuilder, so new levels/ maps can be created/ added easaly…


Created 2010 using Swishmax & PHP.

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